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Sublimation is an amazing diverse technology for product decoration. It enables you to create a digital design, take something hand drawn and digitize it, or take a digital photo and permanently imprint it onto a product. We can place a design on mugs, phone cases, bags, shirts, notebooks, keychains…the list is endless. We print a design using a dye sublimation printer and special transfer paper, then use a heat press to complete the transfer.

Sublimation can only be used on 100% polyester apparel or substrates that have a special polymer coating. 
What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick up closeout mouse pads from Office Depot or an adorable coffee mug from Target to use for your upcoming gift exchange. 
But don’t fret — we have partnered with a company to sell these types of products. Take a look at the incredible catalog below.

One other limitation to keep in mind is that the sublimation inks used in this process are transparent. Because of this, we typically only print on white or light-colored substrates, as the design image will not transfer properly onto dark garments.

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